Gunmen Free Student Taken in Mass Abduction

Gunmen Free Student Taken in Mass Abduction

Nigerian pupils taken by gunmen in a mass abduction in the north-western town of Kuriga earlier this month have been freed “unharmed”, officials say.

Kaduna state governor Uba Sani said they had been rescued thanks to the courage of the security forces.

The school authorities had said more than 280 children were taken, but the army said 137 hostages had been freed.

The operation took place in the early hours of Sunday morning, days before a ransom deadline.

Officials have not yet commented on the discrepancy in numbers. The children, aged eight to 15, and one teacher, were abducted on 7 March.

Kidnap gangs, known as bandits, have seized thousands of people in recent years, especially in the north-west.

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